Jumat, 07 Maret 2014

English Language in University Level

       Sometimes, i feel so strange to see how English Language works in university level. I see there are so many students, even they study in English Department they feel not able to study English. In additon to the students outside the English Department like Arabic Language Department. Whereas, this subject is the compulsory subject in Arabic Language Department and has three SKS in one semester. And there is English Language I and English Language II. The prerequirement to take English Language II is the student must be passed the English Language I. 
       I think we are all of students in the university have studied English Language before getting to the university like in Senior High School etc. So, because of that, i am sure that we are able to study English well. But, it seems that we can't realize that. The question then, Why we are so fast to forget English Language that we got in the Senior High School before? 
       In my opinion, maybe we study English in the Senior High School because we must get high score, so we can pass the national exam especially. But, after entering university, we think that English is not suitable for us, English is too hard to study and the other reasons. I think, we must change our thought about study English. English is fun, English is as easy as Indonesian Language of Javanese Language. So, we must love it, then we study it and apply it in our daily activity because in the next years we will have ASEAN Community that oblige us to able to speak English fluently with another person from all over the world. 

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