Go Home with Nafis and Wilda

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I’m sorry, ‘cause udah lama g’ nge-post nich. apalagi ngenet, g’ sempat bgt.’cause I don’t have a laptop. And Then, There are many activity in my school (Mantsalisma) that maybe I can’t to leave it. Alhamdulillah, I get permission to go home before puasa. So, I have spare time to write a post although dikit about my experience when I will go home 2 days ago.Date 20th August 2009.Today, I fell very excited because I can go home before puasa after ‘till two months I don’t go home.And I can go home with Nailin Nafis together. That makes me very happy. First, We have promised to go home together with ride a bus. In the afternoon after pray Dhuhur, I hear my friend call me and talk to me that Nailin Nafis invite me to go home together and wait me now,though I still prepare myself to go home. So, I quickening to prepare myself and go to in front of my class. I wait and wait patiently, but I don’t look her until one hour later. Finally, He looked to be and she came to meet me. She talk to me “ How if we go home wait evening with Wilda’s father ? “ I became confused. Then, I answered “I better go home now by bus and you join Wilda’s father, How with you ? I ask Nafis.

Nafis talk like this to me “You will be better if you join with Wilda’s father and also with me. Then, now you phone ur parents, how with u ?I talk to her “Ok, No problem, now I’ll phone my parents in telephone shop. After that, I go to phone-shop in Pekalongan street because the cooperation is closed. I talk to my parents that I’ll go home with Nafis and join Wilda’s father by car. My parents talk like this “Ok, no problem if that better for u.Finally, I go back to Mantsalisma with decision I’ll go home with Nafis and Wilda. In fact, I feel ashamed, join friend and again my friend is female though me male. But, that no problem for me. I count that should be an experience. After waited and waited rather lama about 1 hour, finally, Wilda’s father came.Alhamdulillah, I can go home with convenient (because join, maybe). After that, We leave Malang that very cool and clean for holiday and go to our destination. After arrived in Lamongan, we change car with Nafis’s father car. And then we go to Bojonegoro immediately. After arrived in Bojonegoro, I am fetched by my father and go to my house. In the house, I tell to my parents about my experience during in Malang city and Mantsalisma .Then I sleep on the bed until morning come.


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