Communication Is The Key

Sometimes, we see the chaos in the meeting or situation. This is as I feel today. I am on my duty in the new student recruitment. At eight o'clock, I sit behind my desk with Mr. Ali. We are waiting the visitors who want to know the information about our boarding school. About nine, Mr. Yoga comes to me and says that we have guests from Kendari. They want to know more about boarding school. He asks me to organize boarding school organisation member to greet them. I say yes. Maybe the best time is in the night after Isya because organisation activity is none.

But, after some minutes, Mr. Taufiq comes to me and informs that guests from Kendari will have the meeting with us after pray Zuhur. Knowing that, I surprised. How this meeting changes? I don't know that guests from Kendari have their own agenda and we must follow that. Alright, they right. But, it will be better if we knew before today.

After knowing the right information, I call boarding school organisation member. I asks them to greet the guests. They ask Mrs. Niswah money for buying meals. After Zuhur, they have the meeting with the guests in the multimedia room.

In the night, after pray Isya and having dinner, the guests asks member of OSIMA to accompany them exploring the school. Beside OSIMA member, I also accompany them. We close our agenda tonight with photo session in the field.

From this story, I learn something. I learn about communicating each other to organize the event, so the event will run well. If there is a person who cut this communication and make his own decision without informing another, the agenda will not run well. So, the communication is an important thing at organizing the event.

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