Amazing July and Starting August with Full of Spirit

July, 2020 is an another amazing month of my life. Not because there was something special like having graduation, but because I just have done my two tasks in two writing groups. The one was Writing Workshop Series 6 by @sekolahcreator with Mr. @nasrul_yung as mentor, while another one was Komunitas Pena Senja with Miss @annisalutfhia15 as a leader.

SC WWS 6 was a writing workshop every week in one month. We must send the writing task with some theme from the mentor. Sometimes I could write easily because I have known much about the theme, while other themes made me confused like K-Pop. But, overall, I thought this writing workshop was a fun way to learn how to write easily and powerful. The mentor was good in presentation and answering the questions from the mentee. In the last two days of July, 2020, I and my friends must send our book premise and outline. Also sending a document with 450 words about be grateful to God about the past.

In the second group, Komunitas Pena Senja or you can called it KPS, I and my friends were devided into some small groups consisted of five until six persons of each group. Male group was different from female group. I just supposed before that this group was like another writing group. We joined some events like webinar, seminar, and writing workshop. Sometimes, we got e-certificate. But, actually this group wanted to recruit the new member. Maybe they needed some personils to manage the event or something else. I just wanted to stop, but after deep thinking, I remembered my commitment to be responsible to what I have registered and entered. So, i followed the flow in the group.

My group consisted of nine persons. Although the active members in my group were just four until five persons. We were as a group must present about writing sign. Alhamdulillah, we could present well in female group, marked as the second highest score group. So, we allowed to get the certificate from first selection of member recruitment.

In the second member recruitment selection, some friends in our group must be kicked from the group because they didn't being active members after first selection. The task was writing short story with "Bintang Malam" theme. Beside, we had to write the preface, table of contents, and bionaration. Also made the book cover. This is so challenging member selection ever. Alhamdulillah, we could pass this challenge and now, waiting the result from the KPS management. We hoped that we could pass this and being a great team. I thanked to my four friends in KPS 2 Ikhwan group that allowed me to handle the task, became the leader is so challenging for me.

Another event beside those two writing events was book review or we call "bedah buku" in Indonesian. I presented my recent book, Agar Kuliah Tak Jadi Sia-Sia, published by Guepedia. I thanked to @penulis_bojonegoro that allowed me to present my book in instagram live on Saturday, July 25th, 2020. By the way, I just uploaded it on my Youtube channel, Muhammad Amin ID.

That was all of my experience on July 2020. Hopefully this month and another months come with joyful and full of happiness.

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Muhammad Amin
Magister Pendidikan Bahasa Arab, pemerhati pendidikan dan bahasa. Pengasuh di Mahad Al Qalam MAN 2 Kota Malang

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